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123 Online Announces the Shift Content Management System

By Mike Johnston February 4, 2013 News & Headlines  Comments


There's a new content management system hitting the market today as New Zealand based 123 Online Limited announces the launch of their Shift Content Management System.

According to 123 Online's Project Manager, Trend McDiarmid:

Our CMS software was developed for the end user, and features incredible user ability, smooth performance, and is more time and cost efficient. The intuitive design and user friendly features make content management processes faster and easier. This means 123 Online customers can spend more time on improving and expanding their businesses and less time on managing their websites and on-page SEO content."

A full list of updates that have been made to the CMS can be found on the Shift CMS update page. Some of the features of this content management system include:

  • Blog / News Module
  • An image slideshow application
  • HTML5 Video Player
  • Form Builder
  • Events Calendars

You can check out a full list on their website, identified below. Here's a quick video introducing Shift CMS:

[media url="" width="640" height="480"]
Interested in learning more? Check it out at

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