The New York Daily News partners with Atex to deliver unified publishing environment

The New York Daily News, the most widely read newspaper in the largest media market in the United States, has signed a contract with Atex for a combined Content Management and Digital Asset Management system that will support all digital and print publishing channels. The Atex system will streamline the digital and print workflows for Daily News newsroom staff, providing a media-neutral environment to manage all Web, mobile, print and archived content.

“The Daily News selected Atex for its ability to deliver a platform-agnostic solution that enables users to access data effortlessly regardless of where that data may physically reside,” said Bill Holiber, Daily News President and CEO. “That flexibility allows us to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs without affecting the quality of the content and products we produce.”

With Atex, the Daily News’ editors will have a single system for all media types, including tablets and mobile devices, allowing content to move effortlessly between editorial platforms. By making content more accessible, the Atex system will accelerate the speed of content creation and editing to produce more stories in less time, including photos, graphics, audio and video content.

For archived content, the integrated Atex Digital Asset Management system will combine and organize published articles, photos, digital and print pages in a single database. This will allow Daily News’ users to search the entire archive from a common user interface, making it easier to find and repurpose content for new digital initiatives.

“We believe in putting control of digital and print workflows directly into the hands of editorial staff,” said Atex Senior Vice President, Peter Marsh. “This philosophy is ingrained in our system architecture and our implementation process. As a result, the Daily News will have an agile newsroom environment that provides a single view of all live and archived content, with the ability to efficiently publish to print editions,, as well as mobile and e-reader channels.”

For more information, please visit the Atex website