YikeSite announce partnership with Northern Village  to form new company called YikeSoftware Inc.

Launched in 2007, YikeSite originally started off as a simple way of creating small static websites. It has since been expanded to allow web entrepreneurs to brand YikeSite as their own, allow their customers to easily update their websites, and make recurring income.

Today, they have announced the formation of YikeSoftware Inc.

This new venture is a partnership between Jeff Ward, founder of Animikii Inc. and creator of the YikeSite web builder, and Arni Mikelsons founder of Northern Village , a Guelph-based web company. Their goal is to focus on providing simple online software solutions to solo entrepreneurs who build websites, and for web entrepreneurs and companies that manage multiple websites with one interface. YikeSite, the core product of YikeSoftware Inc., is a content management system (CMS) that powers hundreds of websites.

By combining forces, YikeSoftware Inc. will be leveraging Jeff and Arni’s strengths to meet the needs of entrepreneurs who will benefit from a simple, integrated website management system that can be branded to their individual needs.

“Through this partnership we are creating a company that uniquely supports web entrepreneurs and helps them grow a successful web business,” says CEO Arni Mikelsons. “We will provide the tools for better website management, and add complimentary services to enhance our product offering.”

If you want to learn more about this new partnership, and YikeSite in general, visit their page in our CMS Products directory or check them out on the web at http://www.yikesite.com/home