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Xyleme CEO Mark Hellinger Presents Multiple Seminars on ‘Single-source XML: the Secret Behind Mobile and eLearning’

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Xyleme® Inc., the leading provider of 100% XML, open and standards-based learning content management solutions, has hosted a number of standing-room only seminars, most recently at Learning Technologies 2011, on ‘Single-source XML: the secret behind mobile and e-learning’. Due to overwhelming demand, a video recording of the presentation has been made available to the general public. These sessions, presented by Mark Hellinger, President and CEO of Xyleme, explore why content development is fast becoming a strategic initiative within organizations. Mark discusses how leading companies are facilitating rapid development across multiple formats using existing content, resources, and technologies rather than using multiple redundant tools. The video, which can be accessed here:, provides a preview of Xyleme mLearning on iPad and how it leverages existing training content to enable blended learning on a single tablet. You will also learn: • Why taking the same separate content development processes and technologies approach for mLearning that we did in the move from classroom to eLearning is unsustainable, • How training content should be delivered in both eLearning and mLearning environments to adequately meet each learner’s specific informational need and preferred learning style, • How to structure content for reuse and filtering, and, • Why XML is critical for single-source publishing, content reusability, and future-proofing learning content. To learn more about Xyleme’s learning content solutions, join us for one of our regular live product demonstrations. During these monthly webcasts, we provide a detailed look into our award-winning products and open the floor to your questions and comments. Sign up at

Xyleme CEO Mark Hellinger Presents Multiple Seminars on ‘Single-source XML: the Secret Behind Mobile and eLearning’Last updated on February 25, 2011
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