WP Engine Unveils GeoIP: WordPress Marketers Can Now Deliver Location-Specific Content

WP Engine, a leading SaaS content management platform for websites and applications built on WordPress, has launched a brand new GeoIP feature, built to empower WordPress website marketers.

WP Engine provides hosting, backup, and technical support services for WordPress websites and apps. It caters to everybody, from bloggers to enterprising companies.

Delivering personalized content on a regional basis is becoming increasingly important. WordPress marketers will be particularly excited though, as this new prospect, titled WP Engine GeoIP,  allows marketers to offer personalized content even by postal/ZIP code.

WP Engine

WP Engine Hit New Heights (And Locations)

WP Engine GeoIP allows marketers to target Web content to users based on their physical location, without using third-party IP detection. GeoIP enables global brands to take a geomarketing approach to foster a more relevant, targeted, and personalized user experience down to a user’s country, state, city, and even ZIP code.

  • Powerful Geo-Targeting Capabilities:  create a personalized user experience by showing content especially useful or relevant to visitors on a location-by-location basis.
  • Same Old High Performance:  GeoIP is a native feature to WP Engine’s platform, there is no speed or performance loss associated with using a third-party service or the need to exempt pages from caching
  • Enhanced Marketing Effectiveness:  Brands can save marketing/advertising dollars by leveraging WP Engine’s native GeoIP functionality, reducing the need to rely on third-party IP detection tools, as well as boosting efficiency of advertisements through a localized approach.

Tomás Puig, Director of WP Engine Labs, made these comments upon the unveiling of WP Engine GeoIP:

“WP Engine is committed to driving better solutions for makers and marketers at global brands who are looking to improve the customer experience and be more effective with their marketing strategy. WP Engine Labs continues to provide innovative solutions built directly into the WP Engine platform, without hindering the world-class performance our customers expect from us.”

A Step Towards WordPress CXM?

WP Engine used to be a highly respected hosting company for WordPress users. But this update makes it more than just that.

Make no mistake about it, WP Engine has just taken a sizable step towards becoming a WordPress-dedicated customer experience manager. Personally, I'm excited to see what they'll introduce next.

To find out more about WP Engine GeoIP, check out their blog announcement. There, you'll find an explanatory eBook, as well as some FAQs.

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