9 Great WordPress Themes for Blogging, Business & News Sites

As someone with a natural deficiency in design, I can testify to the necessity of pre-built themes.

WordPress has thousands of pre-made themes readily available just for people like me. And the best part is, the vast majority of WordPress themes on offer can turn a dull web page into one with great web traffic potential.

To save you time and effort though, I've picked out nine themes that cater to; business, news, and even personal blogging purposes. All you have to do is pick your favorite.


Colormag – Themegrill


Colormag is a theme on WordPress made popular by it’s great forum support.

It’s ideal for anyone trying to display multiple news topics on any variety of topics. It’s simplicity and elegance in design are merely bonus.

Check out more at: https://wordpress.org/themes/colormag/

Hueman – Nikeo


If you’re looking for a fantastic theme with great accent colors and even better functionality then this theme by Nikeo is the way to go.

Hueman comes with two scrolling side bars that makes displaying multiple breaking stories a breeze and the front page along with limitless links and headings gives great direction to any visitors of your site.

Check out more at: https://wordpress.org/themes/hueman/

Afford – MudThemes

afford (1)

Just because news headlines have to be attention grabbing, that doesn’t necessarily mean your web page does too. With this simple theme you can allow your headlines to do the talking for you.

This theme goes especially well for those looking to display news related to business and politics

Check more out at: https://wordpress.org/themes/afford/

Business & Entrepreneurial

Blackoot Lite – Iceable Themes

blackoot (1)

If you really want your web page to stand out from the crop then you have to do something different. This web page really drew my eye with its darker colors and very formal layout.

It would make a great candidate for anyone looking to sell a product or to project a serious demeanor.

Check more out at: https://wordpress.org/themes/blackoot-lite/

Matrix – Webhunt Infotech


WebHunt Infotech has really provided a quality theme here. ‘Matrix’, no not the movie, is a terrific theme for those looking for a minimalistic feel with maximum customization.

It gives a great front page to display any number of products on. With a compelling front page and as many links as you could possibly need to provide additional detail, this theme is well in the running to becoming my favorite.

Check more out at: https://wordpress.org/themes/matrix/

Build Lite – SKTThemes

build lite

This theme does a great job at filling the niche for industrial or construction businesses. It’s flexible and customizable and nothing says ‘we can build it’ quite like a soaring skyscraper.

With plenty of interactive links and space to display text this theme can allow even an amateur to hammer (he-he word puns) together a solid web page.

Check more out at: https://wordpress.org/themes/build-lite/

Personal & Blogging Themes

Story- Alex27


Story, is a theme by a traveling blogger. So naturally, a blogger would know what other blogger want right?

Story gives a well structured way to share with anyone who visits just exactly what you’ve been getting into lately. Play a round of disc golf today? Why not post the picture on the front page!

(P.S. I’m always looking for more disc golf buddies)

Check more out at: https://wordpress.org/themes/story/

Freak – Rohit Tripathi


Freak is the sort of theme I would recommend for travelling or even deep seated topics such as philosophy or emotional quotes.

The layout of the page along with the tone it sets really stimulates an open thought process. A myriad of customization options makes this choice a no brainer for bloggers anywhere.

Check more out at: https://wordpress.org/themes/freak/

Pro Blogg – DessignThemes


ProBlogg does an excellent job with this multi-blog theme. It’s open layout allows any blogger a variety of places to write about their various interests.

It includes a bar to social media widgets at the top right and it offers plenty of space for multiple photos on the front page. Hope you like photography!

Check more out at: https://wordpress.org/themes/pro-blogg/

Spice Up Your Site

A new theme can spice up a website to really set the tone and direction you want visitors to go upon arriving.

Don’t forget to tell us what other themes you’d like talked about and post a comment below about any themes worth mentioning below.