WordPress 3.8 brings Interface Overhaul and Better Mobile Experience

WordPress 3.8 has been released and with it, comes a new look for the interface that everyone has come to know and love. From brighter colors to better usability on all devices, this new release promises a ton of inspired changes to the popular open source CMS. Let's take a look at what has changed.

To kick things off, check out this introductory video showcasing some of the main features of this release:


Some of the changes in this release include a refreshed look to the dashboard where you work. With spruced up colors and a more elegant design, it's a welcome change for those who've become bored of the old look:

wordpress 3.8 dashboard

Gone is the old font and in with the new. Open Sans is now the default font for the dashboard which gives the interface a clean and elegant look that is more visually appealing to the eye. The developers have also created new vector based icons that scale well with all devices to give everything a better look and feel regardless of how you may view them.

Another new change is the introduction of custom colors to the dashboard. While not a game changer, it's still nice to have options:

wordpress 3.8 dashboard

These are just a few of the major changes in this release, to explore more of these changes, check out the WordPress 3.8 announcement.