WoodWing Enterprise 9.1 – the next steps in multi-channel publishing innovation

With the release of version 9.1 of its multi-channel publishing system Enterprise, WoodWing continues to further advance easy multi-channel publishing and communication, from creation of content to distribution via various channels. With new options to quickly label content during production and to efficiently tag content destined for the Web, WoodWing addresses issues often seen as problematic and time-consuming. Updated connectors for Facebook and Twitter embed the social media channels fully transparent into daily multi-channel publishing workflows.

The new version 9.1 of WoodWing´s multi-channel publishing system Enterprise offers updated connectors for Twitter and Facebook (left), enables slide shows for web sites (middle) and supports the tag suggestion service Open Calais (bottom) (Click to enlarge).

WoodWing introduced version 9 of its publishing system Enterprise in early September of 2013, paving the way for further innovation in multi-channel publishing. With version 9.1 of Enterprise, WoodWing further refines the way publishers, agencies and marketing departments can efficiently create content and distribute it via any channel to reach their audiences.

More efficient content management

In Content Station – WoodWing’s editorial management application – all content related to a specific story is collected in a dossier. Version 9.1 offers new functionality to label the content in a dossier, enabling users to quickly filter their content to see only what they want to see. WoodWing also added support for slideshows for the Web, eased the creation of related dossiers, and added a number of other improvements users have been requesting. 

Semantic tagging made easy

For many users, quickly tagging content for the Web – making online content more accessible and valuable – is still a cumbersome and time-consuming activity. Enterprise 9.1 offers flexible tagging options out-of-the-box. Users can add their own tags, use pre-defined tags and use a tag suggestion service, depending on the required way of working. Enterprise ships with an integration with Open Calais – a service from Thomson Reuters. Open Calais analyzes the text targeted for the Web and returns tagging suggestions users can directly apply to their articles. Leveraging its open plug-in architecture, Enterprise can also support other semantic systems.

Using Facebook and Twitter to promote your brand and content

WoodWing also released updated connectors to integrate Facebook and Twitter fully transparent in the daily multi-channel workflow, making it easy to promote Web content via the leading social media platforms directly from within Content Station. The Facebook connector also supports the posting of images and the creation of photo albums.

One system for all channels and any workflow

“We want to enable publishers, agencies and marketing departments to manage all their content and media channels using just one application,” said Erik Schut, President of WoodWing. “No matter how the customer wants to work – with one consolidated team responsible for all channels or separate teams for print, online and digital, we support all workflows.”

Enterprise 9.1, including the editorial management application Content Station, is available immediately as a perpetual purchase license as well as in an attractive subscription model with monthly fees.

WoodWing Trend Survey

Currently WoodWing conducts a survey on the publishing trends 2014 – which “First” strategy and which social media platforms will be in the focus worldwide, what are the most common goals for the use of social media, and more.The questionnaire can be found at http://ow.ly/rQBHx (deadline is January 15, 2014). Participants have the chance to win an Apple TV.