Wolf CMS 0.6.0 Final now available

Wolf CMS 0.6.0 final has been released to the public. This new version of the open source content management system offers a number of changes.

Changes with this release include:

  • Completely revamped the install sequence.
  • A page preview status was added users to preview the page before publishing.
  • HTTPS support was added for accessing the administration area.
  • CRON support was added. The term “cron” is also used as a general reference term for all manner of scheduling services. See the wiki for configuration details.
  • Administrative users can now “uninstall” a plugin. This removes any database tables and settings it may have added. The plugin has to support this feature.
  • Wolf CMS now supports frontend plugin controllers.
  • A new core plugin was added called BackupRestore which will allow site administrators to create a backup of all the Wolf CMS core database tables.


Want more info? Check out the Wolf CMS website.