Wix Releases New Animation Feature

Today, Wix have treated their 46 million strong user base with a new and exciting animation feature which will bring Wix websites to life.

Wix is an extremely user-friendly website builder, giving users of all skill levels an opportunity to build a beautiful web presence for free, or on enhanced paid plans.

With this new animation feature, those beautiful websites can now get a face lift. Page elements like images and text can now be individually animated before visitors' eyes, which means they can fade in to view, slide in from the side, and more.

Now, let's take a quick look at what Wix users can now start experimenting with.

Animation Made Simple

Features like animation are usually beyond the skill-set of website builder users. But not anymore. Wix is now the first leading drag-and-drop website builder to bring animation features to the fingertips of their user base.
Below is a short video showcasing exactly how it works:

Eric Mason, the Wix Director of Communications, US, had this to say upon the animation feature release:

“[The release of Wix animations] demonstrates just how far and how fast Wix is pushing the HTML5 envelope. We’re really proud to bring this sort of dynamism and flexibility to our users.”

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