Wix Introduce Advanced Meta-Tags for Professional Users

Users of the popular platform Wix will be pleased to know that improvements to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and connections to third-party tools and networks has been introduced through advanced meta-tagging.

Wix is a user friendly website builder which boasts over 46 million users across 190 countries.

Meta-tags allow your Wix website to Header code supported services include  Google Webmaster tools Bing Webmaster Tools Twitter Cards Pinterest Verification Alexa site owner claim, and many more.

Wix have put together a straightforward video to guide you through the process of adding these header codes to your Wix website:

What are Meta-Tags & What Can They Do For Me?

If you don't know what meta-tags are for, it might be worth your while to find out, simply because of the benefits they can bring.

As Wix recently detailed in their advanced meta-tag announcement, there are two types of meta-tags – Ownership Verification and Rich Media Experiences. Let's take a brief look at what both of these terms mean.

Ownership Verification Meta-tags

Search engines like Google and Bing along with other services offer added benefit to website owner who can prove they own certain website. One way you can do this, is using meta-tags.

For example, verifying your website with Google via meta-tags – as shown in the intstructional video above – gives you access to extremely important metrics: your site’s traffic sources, the keywords which drove traffic to your site, how your site ranks for different keywords, and statistics about how Google indexes your site.

Similarly, adding a Bing site verification meta-tag to your website header means that Bing will be able to index your website, giving a healthy SEO boost.

Rich Media Experience Meta-tags

Meta-tags don't just expose you to hidden benefits and administrative tools. They can also greatly increase search engine optimization and broader marketing efforts in a more direct way.

One example which you might have heard of, is the Google Authorship. Adding a Google authorship meta-tag changes the way your site will appear in Google's search results page. Adding this tag enhances the way Google displays your content: your name, photo and author byline will prominently appear next to relevant search results.

Wix Google Authorship
To learn more about the different types of supported Wix meta-tags, and how to use them, visit the Wix Learning Center. Alternatively, you can start your totally free Wix website today.

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