Wix Announces Freemium Booking Engine, WixHotels

Wix has announced its very first verticalized solution in the form of WixHotels.

The announcement was made during a conference call set up to discuss the company's Q2 14 earnings.

WixHotels is a complete booking engine that is fully integrated into a Wix website, aimed at hotel and B&B owners specifically. In keeping with Wix's user-friendly ethos, WixHotels is code-free, simple, yet feature-packed.

As Wix's first solution dedicated to a particular industry niche, this announcement of WixHotels is a significant milestone in Wix's history.

Codeless, Commisionless & Comprehensive

The WixHotels booking engine allows users to manage room inventories and comes complete with pricing, booking, reservation and payment management capabilities.

WixHotels, a complete booking engine that is fully integrated into a Wix website. Wix’s core products answer the needs of all business verticals, and with its new verticalized solutions, the company is extending its offering to more deeply address the niche needs of specific industries.

While many travelers today research hotel rooms via online booking websites, most of them visit the hotel’s website before actually booking. Furthermore, travelers are booking their reservations directly on hotels’ websites at an increasing rate, making an appealing website with an integrated online booking engine essential for a hotel owner’s business.

Before WixHotels, hotel owners were limited in their options to take and manage reservations to either integrating expensive and complex booking systems or offering rooms via third-party booking websites. Of course, these solutions usually included hefty commision rates.

WixHotels offers a complete booking engine that is fully integrated into a Wix website for hotels, B&Bs and vacation rentals. This code-free product makes it simple to build and maintain the room inventory complete with pricing, booking, reservation and payment management capabilities. Available through the Wix App Market, WixHotels is not limited to reservations made through the website.

Through their Wix dashboards, hotel owners can easily add reservations made elsewhere and manage their entire room inventory – all under the same digital roof. WixHotels is also fully optimized for mobile devices, enabling potential travelers to book a room on the go, from any device.

Upon the announcement of WixHotels, Avishai Abrahami, Wix Co-Founder and CEO, had this to say:

“Wix offers a robust and comprehensive platform for all business owners. Our new verticalized strategy lets us build on this solid foundation by adding more layers and enhancements that cater to the specific needs of each industry.

WixHotels is the first release designed for a specific vertical. It frees hotel owners from relying on third party vendors who charge a commission, turns a hotel website into an engine for driving growth and creates a hub for managing all aspects of a hospitality business.”

WixHotels beta version is free, and like other Wix products, it will become a freemium feature upon its full release.

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