Where's the Criticism?

One of our readers recently made an interesting comment on one of my write-ups from the Adobe Summit that I attended this past week. The read asked “Where's the Criticism?”, which made me feel it was necessary to write this post so that the rest of our readers understand how we think and what we hope to achieve here at CMS Critic.

Our goal is not to bombard you with re-worded press releases (although admittedly, at times it's necessary to share them), but to keep our articles fun, fresh, and informative. We tend to share personal experiences alongside reporting which is why this site is considered a blog. You come here for the opinion, you get it when it's warranted.

When it comes to CMS reviews, make no mistake, we aim to be 100% unbiased in how we handle them.  We make it very clear that we will write what we think and we always aim to be brutally honest. I think, personally, that's what separates us from some of the other sites out there. Here at Critic, we like to think we bring a balanced view to the table no matter where we go or what we review. I've definitely written my share of reviews that were not necessarily positive and I'm sure I'll do the same in the future. That's part of the game and that's how we keep our reviews honest.

On the flip side of the coin, if we are invited to attend conferences by a company, we will absolutely ask the tough questions if we feel there are any that need asking but our objective when we are there is to COVER the news and share the experience with you and not to find negativity just for the sake of it. Would you like me to tell you that the food wasn't as great as last year? It wasn't, but does that really matter? Or would you prefer to just get a quick overview of the key elements of the conference and get a feel for what it's like should you choose to attend?

The latter, I believe, is more important.

Another item I'd like to add is that before most interviews or prior to question periods, I usually put a call out on Twitter to see if anyone has any questions they'd like me to ask. If I get no replies and I have no tough questions of my own, I roll with the punches.

We want this site to be as interactive as possible and we welcome any input from you as to how we can improve, what we can do, how you'd like to be involved. I think it's great that people raise points like this as they often form the basis for discussion and help us clear the air, which I think is great.

So that's what our goal is and that's how I think personally. Do you have comments or thoughts to share? I welcome them. Please offer up your comments and suggestions below. I promise to reply to each of them personally if warranted.

Thanks for reading,