Where to get Responsive WordPress Themes

I’ve spent a lot of time recently searching the web to find responsive WordPress themes for a number of sites that I manage, including this one, so I decided to put together a list of places that offer them.

Where to find Responsive WordPress Themes

Here is a list I have compiled of places where you can find an excellent selection of responsive WordPress themes. You can also hire a WordPress design company to help you customize it further. In most cases, I’ve attempted to link directly to the page that lists them as opposed to making you sift through their websites individually.


StudioPress is one of the most prominent theme development companies for WordPress. All of their themes are based off of the incredibly powerful and versatile Genesis WordPress theme framework. As of last count, they had over 40 themes on their site, not including those listed in their community marketplace.

I highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the market. Sites designed off of the Genesis framework tend to do quite well in Google as the framework is exceptionally lean and expertly configured for the best possible SEO performance. I use Genesis on my wife’s site (http://thekitchenmagpie.com) and love how easy it is to design with.

An example of one of their themes:

Responsive wordpress themes 2

Like what you see? This is only one of many amazing looking designs you can choose from.

See their themes


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention WooThemes. Like StudioPress, they’ve been around for a long time and have been providing top notch WordPress themes (and support) for many years. They also have over 20 excellent responsive wordpress themes to choose from.

An example of one of their themes:

responsive wordpress themes 3

All of their WordPress themes are built off of the WooFramework, which makes it super easy to handle upgrades and stay compatible with the latest releases of WordPress. The advantage here is that you won’t lose your customizations during upgrades.

See their themes


PageLines provides an awesome framework to build off of. It also happens to be the very framework I use here on CMS Critic. What makes it differ from the other frameworks on the market is that it’s drag and drop capable. An example of one of how the framework looks:

responsive wordpress themes 5

PageLines gives you a ton of options for customization and to be honest, it’s almost crazy how much customization you can do. It adds a huge amount of functionality to the dashboard in WordPress and gives you the ability to really do some amazing things.

See their themes


WPZoom offers a large selection of responsive WordPress themes. They release new ones constantly and the quality and look of their WordPress themes is outstanding. This is especially true for their magazine and newspaper style layouts.. some of these rival the looks of some of the top websites out there. They have some great looking portfolio themes as well and even a few free ones.

An example of one of their WordPress themes:

responsive wordpress themes 7

You can also check their showcase to see some of the various sites using their WordPress themes. Some of the designs are pretty impressive.

See their themes


BizzThemes creates some truly unique looking WordPress themes that don’t conform to the norm. Their strength lies in the selection of niche themes such as options for Hair Studios, Consulting Agencies and more.

An example of one of their themes:

responsive wordpress themes 8

The designs are attractive, the themes are responsive and the options panels that they’ve developed are intuitive and easy to use. I definitely suggest taking a look and seeing if any of their options suit your needs.

See their themes

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes has been producing great looking, responsive WordPress themes for a number of years. Currently, they have a great offer where you pay only $39 and get all 77 of their themes. That’s pretty incredible for a theme company and certainly the best deal around at the moment.

An example of one of their themes:

responsive wordpress themes 9

The theme selection is great with options for portfolio, blog, business, magazine and more.

See their themes


Themeforest has a huge selection of responsive WordPress themes and I could personally spend all day browsing through their site admiring all of the amazing creations that are being offered there. What makes Themeforest unique is that you can find themes from a wide variety of developers on their site. A lot of developers and designers use Themeforest as a marketplace to sell their themes and as a result, the selection is unparalleled.

An example of one of their WordPress themes:

responsive wordpress themes 14

See their themes

And there you have it. With the above options, you shouldn’t have any issues trying to find a good, responsive WordPress theme for your website. Best of luck and if you know of other places that offer a good selection, by all means, let me know.