What CMS do you use and why?

While we tend to share our own opinions on this site frequently in the form of our various CMS reviews, it's nice to hear what the rest of the community thinks as well. For this reason, today we're hoping to drive some discussion about what CMS you use and why?

Regardless of the purpose of the system, share with us in the comments what you like to use, the reasons behind it, and what you use it for. This will not only help us learn about possible systems we may have missed in our coverage, but it will also serve as an excellent resource for those who are in the market for a system and are unsure what to choose.


So whether you use one of the big three, something cool for enterprises or you develop on a framework that has really made you feel like you were getting something accomplished, please share your thoughts on why you think yours is a great choice for your needs.

We'll also use some of this feedback as a basis for our CMS awards which are coming up again in September of this year.  While we tend to share our posts to various networks such as LinkedIn and others, we'd like the comments to be kept here for future visitors to get something valuable out of so we'd appreciate you sharing on this site.

Thanks and we look forward to your responses!