What blog software reigns supreme?

As some of  you may or may not know, we recently switched from the acclaimed WordPress to a lesser known blog software called Serendipity to run this site. There are many options when it comes to blog software and it bears the questions, which reigns supreme?

Sure, WordPress seems to hold the crown but for all intents and purposes we found it became bloated quickly with the number of plugins we had to install for the functionality we needed. We also found that the plugins were updating so frequently that we spent half our time running updates and less time writing posts. What are your thoughts?

What blog software do you prefer and why?

There are tons of them available. Everything from MovableType to ExpressionEngine (not technically blog software we know, but used frequently for one) is used for blogging. Not to mention the myriad of online services such as Blogger and TypePad.

We found Serendipity to be a nice blend between functionality and usability for our purposes and intend to use it on all of our sites, but as the saying goes, to each his own.

Please share with us your thoughts and choices on which is your preferred package, and why.