We've Updated our Forums for You!

In order to help provide the highest level of benefit for our users, we've upgraded our forums to the excellent PlushForums (check our review here). You now have the ability to not only earn likes on your posts, ask questions (and seek advice) from the CMS Critic team and our community but also to blog!

Yes, you can now blog on CMS Critic and share your thoughts (as long as it's relevant to our community of course). We encourage CMS developers and web designers to use this functionality to share their progress on their site designs, development of their projects and more!

To use this feature, simply sign up for our forums and start a new discussion. To make it a blog post, simply check the blog checkbox and that's it!

Once we have enough posts up and going, we'll begin to showcase them on the front of the forums for all to see. This is a great way to not only drive interest in your work but also to get advice and critiques from our team and community to help you a) build a better product or b) build a better website.

Enjoy and we look forward to seeing your posts!