Website Optimization Platform Ezoic Launches After Year-long Closed Beta

Ezoic – a fully-automated website optimization and A/B testing platform – has officially launched after a one year closed beta period.

The purpose of Ezoic is to help website owners determine the best layout for their content and page elements.

Content and website layout has a big impact of user experience, and Ezoic provides the tools required to test different layouts at once, whilst measuring efficiency in terms of visitor experience, ad income, conversions, and so forth. 

Over 1000 small publishers benefited from Ezoic's year-long closed beta, where it was used to test over 1 Billion web pages, helping to boost ad income by a whopping 730%. Mobile ad revenue was also increased by an even more impressive 960%.

Five Steps to Optimization

To use Ezoic, you can either point your name servers to Ezoic's servers, or place a simple script on your website pages.

Here's a video which helps break down the five steps between your website, and your website with Ezoic's optimization tests in place:

A Tool For One & All

Perhaps the most exciting part of Ezoic's emergence, is the fact that it is not just for enterprise clients. 

Ezoic has a free plan, an affordable business plan and a plan based on ad revenues for clients with bigger budgets. What's more is that all three plans include a 60-day no-obligation, unlimited-use free trial.
In the wake of Ezoic's launch, John Cole, Ezoic’s Chief Customer Officer, made these comments:

“We solve a problem that many small publishers don’t even know they have. They’re missing out on millions of dollars each month in lost ad revenue, as well as unnecessary bounced or frustrated visitors, all because their website layout isn’t efficient.

Leading eCommerce sites such as Amazon have been endlessly testing and optimizing their sites for years to get users to buy more online, however, this technology hasn’t really filtered through to publishers of content sites, who should be working on usability.  

Either they just don’t know about it, or they don’t have the time, money or technical expertise. We handle all this technical ‘heavy lifting’ so they can focus on what they do best – creating great original content.

We give ordinary people the freedom to earn a living through a subject they’re passionate about; their site is often their main source of income and Ezoic technology can increase it almost eightfold. It’s life changing money.”

To find out more about Ezoic, and to sign up for free, visit their website.