WebriQ releases new partner portal site

WebriQ provides a cloud based content management platform as a service (SaaS) to digital agencies and small and medium sized business marketers. The platform is built to manage, optimize and analyze your entire web presence across multiple sites and this without the need of coding or understanding coding language. It contains over 60 standard modules and a state-of-the-art CSS template creator kit, capable of integrating any custom design in to the CMS platform. The platform is built on open source software and is made available to end-users through a monthly subscription mechanism or through a licensing mechanism.

For more than 15 months, WebriQ has been running it's partner program under the Switch2WebriQ branding. As of next week, that partner program will no longer be available but instead be replaced with a more enhanced platform called webtools2go (www.webtools2go.com).

This platform will carry a fully featured content management platform enhanced with a complete set of services for search engine optimization and search engine marketing, including running Google ads campaigns. Additional services that are available on the platform are among others: design and CSS Template creation, content services such as uploading products to the e-commerce module and specialized training for content managers.
All the above services are offered for our accredited partners at very competitive prices, and include the ability to have a private label for all content management and other related services. All the services include a service level agreement with service level guarantees.

For more information, please contact us at partners@webriq.com, or send us an inquiry on www.webtools2go.com.


WEBRIQ is based in Singapore and is operating from data centers in the USA, Europe and Australia. WEBRIQ has associated companies in Hungary and India and licensing partners in Australia and India. WEBRIQ was incorporated in late 2009, and has been in commercial operation since early 2010.