Webnodes CMS adds Schema.org support

Webnodes AS, a company developing a .NET based semantic content management system, today announced the release of version 3.7 of their CMS.

This new release improves the system in a number of key areas:

The world’s first CMS with fully integrated dynamic Schema.org support
With this release, Webnodes is the world’s first CMS with fully integrated and dynamic Schema.org support. This means that all content classes and properties in Webnodes can be mapped to corresponding types and properties in Schema.org dynamically.

Webnodes uses the dynamic mapping to add small pieces of Microdata to the html of webpages. All the major search engines will immediately understand the meaning of the content, and can improve their search results in a number of ways. Tests have shown a 30% increase in organic search-engine traffic to websites using Microdata or similar technologies.

Load balancing
Another important feature in this new version is that Webnodes CMS now fully supports load-balancing, in a number of different configurations.

Load balancing makes it possible to distribute the traffic between different servers, making it possible to use Webnodes on sites with extreme traffic. In addition to supporting regular load balancing where separate instances of the CMS are running on different servers, many of the performance critical parts of Webnodes has been componentized, so you can split the performance critical components of a single instance on multiple servers as well.

E-commerce improvements
The e-commerce module in Webnodes has a number of new features in this release:

– Totally redesigned discount system with a range of different discounts built-in, and with support for adding custom discount types.
– Support for coupon codes.
– Support for product bundles.
– Support for customizable product packs (“build a computer”).

“This release is one of our most important releases ever”, said Ole Gulbrandsen, CTO of Webnodes. “We strongly believe in the future of Schema.org, and with this release, we’re enabling our customers to tap into the benefits offered by the semantic web.”