Webnodes AS announces the release of version 3.8 of Webnodes Semantic CMS with MVC support

Webnodes AS, a company developing a .NET based semantic content management system, today announced the release of version 3.8 of their CMS, with semantic e-commerce, MVC support and several new mobile features.

“This release is a very important release for us. It demonstrates our commitment on a number of levels, not only regarding semantic web technologies, but also more pure CMS improvements”, said Ole Gulbrandsen, CTO of Webnodes. “In our continued effort to maintain and improve developer efficiency, we have added support for ASP.NET MVC templates. To continue to be on the forefront of the mobile web we have added a range of new mobile features.”

ASP.NET MVC template support

ASP.NET MVC (version 3) has become a very popular method for developing web sites and applications on the .Net platform. With this release of Webnodes CMS, templates can now be developed using MVC. Webforms and MVC are equally supported for template development in Webnodes, and both will continue to be supported in the future. You can also mix the two types in the same project.

New mobile features

Webnodes CMS now has built in features for mobile web development. The framework enables developers to write separate templates and to easily customize a version of the website for mobiles. An extendable mobile detection method has been added as well as specialized user interface controls to make mobile web development as simple as possible. The CMS editor interface also has a new mobile preview mode that lets you see how a page might look on a typical smartphone.

E-commerce module v3.0

New in this release is version 3.0 of the e-commerce module in Webnodes CMS. This version continues the rapid introduction of new features the module has seen since inception. Our development team has rewritten the provider system, decoupled the payment system, improved the user-interface, added dynamic attachment support and restructured the email notification system.

The improvements have focused on improving the user experience for editors and improving the already class leading extensibility of the module.

“Real-world projects have shown us how much our customers appreciate that they can tailor our e-commerce offering exactly to their needs,” said Fredrik Thrane Holst, CEO of Webnodes AS. “The market is responding very well to the combination of our e-commerce engine and our semantic technology. E-commerce is one of the areas where semantic search really makes the difference. We’re excited about working with our partners in developing cutting-edge e-commerce solutions, that increases sales and articulate the value proposition for our customers.”

E-commerce starter site

Together with the new version of the e-commerce module, we’re also releasing a new advanced e-commerce demo and starter site. The new demo site is called “The Webnodes Shoe Store”. It shows you how you can build a sophisticated e-commerce site in Webnodes with the help of some of the hot new technologies like SignalR, which uses web sockets from HTML5 for real-time interactive product search.

Building on the release of Webnodes with Schema.org support that we announced in November, the templates in the e-commerce demo also contains Schema.org markup for improved traffic from search engines.

About Webnodes CMS

Webnodes CMS is a unique .NET based web content management (WCM) system powered by an ORM-based semantic content engine. It has been designed for the future of content management where taking advantage of structured content and the semantic web is a key to delivering value to the customer.