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Webfactories launches CMS reseller system

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Webfactories launched its reseller system in the beginning of the New Year for people seeking to provide white label, or self branded service to their clients. The service is backed by a robust CMS engine with 60 plus professionally built modules, including a state-of-the-art e-commerce function. The background services allow for creating sites for everyday needs to multilingual corporate portals. Support services Webfactories provides include domain registration, SEO, SEM, or custom template design upon request among others. With these services, the full spectrum of a client’s online needs can be fulfilled.

Webfactories states that using their system, a fully functional and well designed website can be created in less than three days by only CSS customization. This is well below the usual website development times of other CMS’s.

Becoming a reseller, one gains a management interface where sites, users and sub-resellers can be controlled. Through this same interface the reseller can request SEO, SEM, content upload, site development and other services. The reseller can set unique prices for their end-users or sub-resellers.

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CMS & Marketing / Webfactories launches CMS reseller systemLast updated on January 5, 2019
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