Walkthrough of DNN Evoq Content 8 with CMS Critic

As part of our North American tour (which you can learn more about here) we are visiting a number of vendors throughout North America. One such vendor was DNN Software. In the following video, I had an opportunity to sit with Will Morgenweck, VP of Product Management for DNN Software and have him show me through their latest release, Evoq Content 8.

Let me tell you folks, this is one impressive-looking piece of software. They have completely done away with the dashboard (in the manner that there is no longer a back end admin interface to log into) and moved into a more “website builder look”. The good part being that there was no loss in functionality so I consider Evoq 8 (and you can quote me on this) a website builder for Enterprises.

Check out the video in which Will walks me (and you as you watch) through this great release with the occassional question from me along the way.



Interested in learning more about Evoq 8? Check out their listing in our directory or visit them directly.