VYRE Unify: Version 4.5 supports latest Portlet Standard 2.0

VYRE Ltd, an award winning content management provider, today announced the release of VYRE Unify: version 4.5.

VYRE Unify 4.5 is a new major version release of VYRE’s content management platform. This release delivers the latest Portlet Standards 2.0, WebDAV support, a drag and drop Adobe Air upload tool and a wide range of performance improvements, including additional caching and improved LDAP support.

What is new in version 4.5

Portlet 2.0

VYRE Unify 4.5 now implements the Java Portlet 2.0 specification (JSR-286). This allows users to run portlets built to the Portlet 2.0 specification.

The JSR 286 standard brings to the Java portlets all the key inter-portlet communication capabilities introduced by Web Services for Remote Portlets 2.0 (WSRP 2.0.)

Example inter-portlet communication includes:

  • Events — Enable portlets to communicate with each other through sending and receiving events.
  • Shared render parameters — Enable portlets to specify which render parameters they can share with other portlets.
  • Resource serving — Enables portlets to serve resources within the portlet context.

In addition, JSR 286 defines the portlet filters, with which portlets can, on the fly, transform the content of portlet requests and responses.

Performance enhancements

Version 4.5 includes a wide range of performance improvements, achieved through the addition of a number of caching layers at various points in the product.

The creation and use of a new custom XML generation engine in place of templates, as well as the caching of sections of generated XML has improved the overall speed of generating XML. This in turn results in faster page load times.

VYRE Unify 4.5 introduces the concept of “Script bundles” and “CSS bundles”, which also improve performance, allowing a number of files of the same type to be deployed as a combined file. This will result in fewer requests to the server per page loaded.

Adobe Air uploader

VYRE Unify version 4.5 includes a new Adobe Air upload application. The uploader allows users to bulk upload files from a local machine to a file repository managed by a VYRE Unify instance. The uploader includes support for drag and drop, file selection, and assigning metadata to each file before upload.

This improves the turnaround time for users uploading large numbers of files to a VYRE Unify file store, providing a simple an intuitive desktop user interface.

Resource comparison

Version 4.5 provides a feature for comparing files with previous versions of themselves; these include CSS, scripts, XSL, and template files. This allows website managers to see at a glance what changes have been made to the site.

WebDAV support

VYRE Unify 4.5 introduces WebDAV support. This allows users to manipulate files stored in the system from a desktop computer that also supports WebDAV.

Improved LDAP support

VYRE’s latest version release provides improved LDAP support for large user databases, allowing system administrators to more easily manage synchronisation between LDAP stores and VYRE Unify user accounts.

Third party library updates

VYRE Unify 4.5 includes several third party library updates improving support for third party developers, who wish to write Portlets or other applications that interact with VYRE Unify.

More Portlets available “out of the box”

VYRE Unify 4.5 contains a number of Portlets, which are now available “out of the box”.

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