Vivvo CMS 4.6 is out

The team at Spoonlabs have released Vivvo 4.6. This new rendition of the popular web publishing platform addresses 16 important fixes, optimisations and enhancements.

From the changelog:

  • BUG Archive search returning 404 on author pages containing number in name
  • ENH Categories can have link as root (parent) category
  • ENH Only user groups with “Manage tags” privilege can use “Mark as Headline” article status
  • BUG MDB2 error on Maintenance: Auto Relate if “Relevance: category” is set to zero
  • BUG Fixed problem in configuration.class.php causing blank page because of faulty cache generation
  • ENH Optimisation improvement: Advanced search / search archive now doesn't include links in search results
  • BUG Fixed problem with RSS <lastBuildDate> tag and feed validation
  • BUG 404 error for “category/subcategory/<article-id>-title.html” URL format if article title contains backslash (“/”) character
  • ENH Upgraded JW Player to 5.4 version
  • ENH Language tag for “search” tab in articles section
  • BUG When site is closed, admin cannot reset password
  • ENH Dashboard: “Yesterday's top stories” has scroll added for 10+ articles in list
  • BUG Fixed flood check for “Email to a friend”
  • BUG Fixed problem with searching non-English characters
  • ENH Report 404 link to admin now includes Referral page in report
  • ENH Optimisation improvement: thumbnail.php accessing database repeatedly to fetch the size of the thumbnail

You can learn more about Vivvo on their website: