Umbraco Content Management System 4 RC 3

The latest release candidate of the upcoming Umbraco 4 release has been unleashed for public consumption.

According to the Umbraco website:

The final release candidate of Umbraco 4 is out and available for download at CodePlex.

The focus the past week have been on stability and fixing any serious issues. The last Release Candidate added error when deleting files and macros via the context menu and we’ve made sure that all that is working again.

We’ve also polished the Membership Provider, so that it’s 100% compatible with the umbraco content and members for security trimming. Word is also 100% compatible with Umbraco Content Channels including uploading images and  charts and speaking of Content Channels, it also supports the umbraco tagging control now.

The internal search index have been upgraded to Lucene 2.0 and it’s better at auto correcting any errors and you can  now also activate internal search dialog by pressing SPACE in the search box. Apart from this we’ve made a good bunch of UI polishing and upgraded jQuery to 1.3.1.

We’re confident that we’ll have a release of Umbraco 4 on Friday – YAY!

Be sure to help them test it out if you are a user so they can have their final release ready for the upcoming weekend!