TYPO3 and Platform.sh Announce 'Strategic Integration' Ahead of T3CON in Munich

TYPO3, the free and open source CMS with a commercial offering, and Platform.sh, the continuous delivery cloud hosting company, have announced that TYPO3 is available to test on Platform.sh from October 26 2016 onwards. This will give all TYPO3 users full access to Platform.sh’s revolutionary cloud-hosting capabilities.

That means it'll be ready just in time for TYPO3's next conference, T3CON in Munich, 26-27 October. All details of the Tech Preview will be provided in sessions hosted at that event – so attendance is highly encouraged for those who are serious about enhancing their TYPO3 deployments.

An Integration With Platform.sh: What It Means For TYPO3 Users

Platform.sh has established itself as the modern, preferred solution for other Composer-based open source systems such as Drupal, Magento, eZ Platform, Sulu, and Symfony.

Platform.sh brings a range of benefits to TYPO3 users. For example:

  • Complete build and deployment management for Composer-based applications
  • Full management of key services such as MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Solr, ElasticSearch
  • Eliminates DevOps overhead by providing a complete copy of the application for every Git branch
  • Flexible deployment targets around the world including the Azure sovereign German cloud
  • Strong partners with Symfony and Blackfire.io
  • Application can scale from minimally resourced development environments to deployments with hundreds of CPUs and GB of RAM.

According to the official press release, this collaboration between TYPO3 and Platform.sh is a further move towards standardization in best practices around modern orchestration and deployment.

As the news broke, TYPO3 GmbH's CEO, Mathias Schreiber, made the following comment:

“We’ve followed developments in Cloud hosting and PaaS solutions closely, and Platform.sh immediately impressed us with its simplicity, flexibility and dedication to the developer’s needs.”

Olivier Dobberkau, President of the TYPO3 Association added:

“Aside from its intrinsic technical advantages, Platform.sh also fits the bill in delivering the mission critical cloud hosting that TYPO3’s Enterprise user base is looking for. By partnering with Microsoft for hosting in international Azure datacenters and Microsoft Cloud Germany, Platform.sh can offer sovereign, compliant and secure production hosting to TYPO3 users worldwide”.

Platform.sh also chimed in via their Regional Manager DACH, Andrew Melck:

“TYPO3 is the dominant Open Source CMS in Germany and much of central Europe, so we’re very excited to be working together with the team to accelerate cloud adoption among TYPO3’s massive user base.”

An Early Look at TYPO3 8 LTS (April 2017)

On its way to the release of the next full version of TYPO3, the core team has examined current best practices and identified key cloud functionalities. The tech preview offers an early view of the new features, ahead of the release of TYPO3 8 LTS in April 2017.

To try out the new features for yourself, simply visit https://typo3.org/platform or visit https://platform.sh from October 26th 2016.