Track Your Referral Traffic Quality Via the Finteza WordPress Plugin

As an advertiser or marketer, you have a lot on your plate. And it’s not just you; 53% of marketers say they have “too much to do with too little time.”

You’re probably looking for ways to streamline your work and get marketing results faster. You don’t want to spend hours monitoring and analyzing metrics like time on page, bounce rates, etc. to determine the quality of traffic coming into your site.

And you don't have to anymore.

The Finteza WordPress plugin provides a faster and better way to track traffic quality.

It saves you hours you’d have wasted monitoring multiple metrics to determine traffic quality. It does this by analyzing visitors’ behaviour on your pages, showing you what percentage of them — from specific sources — are relevant and non-relevant.

Finteza displays traffic quality this way:

The colours in the traffic quality bar represent the following:

●      Green represents quality traffic.

●      Yellow indicates visitors coming from proxy servers, VPN, Tor Browser, etc.

●      Red symbolizes traffic you don’t want; it covers traffic from spammy IP addresses or hackers and visitors trying to falsify request parameters and cookies.

●      The grey colour represents traffic from social networks, instant messengers, and search engine bots.

You can also dig deeper by tracking the quality of traffic from specific sources like Facebook Ads, Instagram Stories and so on.

For example, here’s how the tool shows the rate of quality vs inferior traffic from Facebook Ads for a certain site:

This way, you get the real gist of how much quality traffic is coming from every channel you’re spending your advertising and marketing budget on.

Even more, the plugin is free; you can download it here or simply search for the Finteza plugin from your WordPress admin dashboard and install it.

To use the Finteza WordPress plugin, you’d need to get a website ID which you can easily register in the plugin’s settings page.

Once you’re registered, you can begin tracking your site traffic quality right away.

In conclusion

You need a web analytics tool that gives you blatantly accurate reports. The more accurate reports you have, the better you’re able to allocate your marketing spend. And the better you’re able to allocate your marketing budget, the more revenue you’re able to make.

Get your Finteza WordPress plugin here.