Total Creative Freedom, No Limits, SEO Nirvana and the Future of MODx CMS


MODx CMS, the Open Source Web Content Management System, announces it has published the first release candidate for its upcoming flagship product, MODx Revolution. Over three years in the making, this release candidate moves MODx CMS Revolution 2.0 out of beta and brings it one step closer to final General Release.

In addition to maintaining MODx's reputation of offering absolute freedom over design and content structure, and the ability to build sites quickly and easily that perform well with Search Engines, MODx Revolution 2.0 Release Candidate 1 comes tightly packed with more than 240 bugfixes and enhancements since its last beta release. This release offers a faster Manager, easier installation, better Rich Text Editing (RTE) for content managers, a robust Package Manager for installing Add-ons directly  within the Manager, and a new native file browser for direct access of files and other website assets.

“We're excited to see Revo moving out of beta, as it takes everything great about our classic code base, and re-envisions it in a modern architecture with Enterprise-level scalability,” said Ryan Thrash, MODx's co-founder. “When developers start working with Revo and experience first-hand what we've talked about for so long—let's just say I think there's going to be a lot of happy developers and site owners. Revo really is a platform on which you can build a robust, mission-critical website. Our upcoming user conference, Partner Program and Commercial Support offerings will further enhance the MODx ecosystem and demonstrate our level of commitment to the MODx platform.”

MODx Revolution 2.0 is designed to be a the most flexible, extensible and highly configurable platform on which to build and manage websites and custom web applications where users, permissions and content resources are a key component of the application. MODx Revolution offers users a completely customizable web content solution on a modern, object-oriented core with a fully documented API for developers, and backed by a robust data abstraction layer powered by its sister-project, xPDO (

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