Top 5 Content Management Systems for the Complete Beginner

By Mike Johnston January 23, 2009 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines

Today we are going to present our list of the top 5 content management systems for dummies. The intent is to provide options that may be suitable for people with little to no experience with web development.

Without delay, let us present... Top 5 CMS Choices for the Complete Beginner.

#1 - Concrete5

Concrete5 is an incredible system. It's refreshingly simple and easy to use yet powerful. What we liked the most was the ability to get straight to the "meat" of editing without ever having to look at a line of code. The C5 team doesn't just think outside the box, they think outside the constraints of what is possible and have come up with an amazing CMS. We can't wait to see what happens when people realize the potential this CMS has.

#2 - Jaws

Have you heard of Jaws? Expect this little CMS to bite a good chunk out of the easy to use side of the industry. Jaws is a very interesting Ajaxified CMS that offers an immensely simple user interface with easy to use gadgets that quite simply rocks. What's also appealing about Jaws is that it's just fun to use.. something we don't see very often.

#3 -Website Baker

You want something easy to use but with some horsepower under the hood, website baker is bringing it. With development of version 3 underway at this writing, we can't wait to see what they come up with as our understanding is that it's a complete rewrite from scratch.. a new recipe so to speak. In the meantime though, version 2 remains stalwart as one heck of a great choice for new users everywhere.

#4 - WordPress

You can't write a list like this and exclude WordPress. Not only is it one of the most popular blog turned content management systems in the world today, it's also one of the easiest to use. Haven't tried it? You should.. it's powerful and well backed. With an unrivaled community, amazing plugins and tons of templates.. you can't go wrong with WordPress.

#5 - Pixie

A new name in the world of content management systems, we recently introduced you to this svelt little CMS in October. Not only is it user friendly and fun to use, the interface is attractive and while new, it looks like it has tons of potential.

We're sure there are plenty of other CMS options we haven't covered in this article, so why not share? We'd love to hear what YOU think is the best choice for new users.

We're sure there are plenty of other CMS options we haven't covered in this article, so why not share? We'd love to hear what YOU think is the best choice for new users.

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