This is why I started the CMS Awards

As you may know, the reason I chose to start the CMS Awards was to help give projects around the world that may not necessarily have a huge marketing budget, an opportunity to get noticed.

My hope with the awards was that projects that won would feel energized, appreciated and that it would give them the pat on the back they deserve for all their hard work. We think everyone who develops content management systems should be given the chance to showcase it and gain recognition for their contribution to the industry.

The best part of the People's Choice Awards is that the winners are chosen by our readers. Recently, Sageframe (a great .NET CMS) won Best .NET Open Source CMS in the People's Choice CMS Awards and here is how they celebrated:

Seeing this picture absolutely made my day.  These kind of great moments inspire us to keep on trucking with the Critic awards as it shows us all that not only is the community given a chance to give back in a way that obviously matters, they are also embracing it enthusiastically.I want to personally thank Sageframe for sharing this picture with me. It's good to know that they are sharing and celebrating their success.

This folks, is why we do what we do here on CMS Critic. The awards are constantly evolving and we're always striving to do more but in the end, what matters is that those who win get to experience the joy of having created something special and for that, I'm eternally grateful.

Cake. Matters.