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Thesis 1.8 for WordPress now available

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You're going to love the new features in Thesis 1.8. It's easier to use,
smarter, more powerful, and more flexible than ever before!

While you should ALWAYS upgrade to the latest version of Thesis, this one
is special (and fun!) for three reasons:

1. New Header Image and Favicon Uploaders

With each new release, Thesis gets easier to customize, and Thesis 1.8 is
no exception. The brand-new header image and favicon uploaders will allow
you to add a personal touch to your site in seconds. You'll LOVE how easy
these things are to use!

2. New Fonts from the Google Font Directory

In May, Google released an extremely cool library of fonts that can be
embedded into any website. Thesis 1.8 harnesses the power of the Google
Font Directory and now provides you with 28 new fonts to use on your

3. New Security Enhancements

Thesis 1.8 not only incorporates WordPress nonce field protection, but it
also boasts a refined data-handling system that will help keep your sits
both safe and stable. Take advantage of it the additional security by
upgrading now!

And don't forget to check out our revamped blog to see the complete list of
what's new and hot in Thesis 1.8!

Check out all of the new features at the Thesis website.

CMS & Marketing / Thesis 1.8 for WordPress now availableLast updated on January 5, 2019
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