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The Welcome Reception at the 2013 Adobe Summit

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As you know, we think it's important to not just share the news but also to share the experience, so we've put together a few photos of the welcome reception that was held this evening at the 2013 Adobe Summit (Adobe's Digital Marketing Conference). For those who could not attend, this is for you. For those who chose not to attend, stay tuned, we'll be sure to show you all kinds of reasons you should have 😉

In a nutshell, today was an excellent opportunity to mingle and meet with some of the many partners and exhibitors here at the Adobe Summit. The main conference program kicks off tomorrow morning with the keynotes and continues on through Friday.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more from the Summit or follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates.

As promised, here's a gallery of todays event:

[justified_image_grid ids=10044,10045,10046,10051,10050,10048,10047]


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