Ektron has put out a solid whitepaper that's worth a read if you are looking for a content management system.

It's aptly named “The Essential Guide to Selecting Your Web Content Management Solution” and is available for free download (link below).

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The key features to compare for a WCMS
  • Which WCM Solution will deliver the best visitor experience
  • How to select the right solution for your business needs

Even though this is written by a vendor, there's a ton of great content in it and if you are looking for some tips and advice, I recommend giving it a read. The whitepaper itself is free, you simply need to fill out a quick form to get the download.

You can grab the whitepaper here: The Essential Guide to Selecting Your Web Content Management Solution

Mike Johnston
Mike is the founder and editor of CMS Critic. He consults with vendors and the public to help them find the right products for their websites and businesses. When he's not working here, he's off mixing cocktails for his wife's website, The Kitchen Magpie. You can check out some of his great cocktail shots over on Instagram.

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