The Elxis team releases Elxis CMS 2008.1

Watch for a review of this CMS very soon. For those of you who have never heard of or used Elxis, it's based on Joomla/Mambo and is amazingly search engine friendly and far more secure. Their previous release was very intriguing and this one promises a ton of new changes, we've been anxiously awaiting this one to try it out.

Some of the key features of Elxis are: automated tasks, AJAX technology, multi-lingual interface.

For Security you get: Elxis Defender, FloodBlocker, Logins Recorder, extended access control and administration login page cloak.

Integrated mechanism for creating search engine friendly URLS called SEO PRO making it optimized for search engines, is XHTML/CSS valid and table-less.

AND fully adjustable members list and complete users profiles. You can set the users access to any section of the CMS.

We were pretty pumped to try this out and see if the wait was worth it. You should check it out too and can do so here: Check out Elxis

Elxis 2008.1 (Nemesis) changelog

  1. You can set new users to be approved manually before they are able to login for the first time. After an administrator approve a new user registration, a notification e-mail, written in the user's preferable language, is sent to him to notify him that his registration was approved.
  2. Integration of component eBlog. eBlog (Elxis Blog) is a full featured Blog component for Elxis CMS. You can create unlimited user blogs and assign an owner to each one.
  3. Users can post comments on eBlog posts. Commentary support for third party components. On the next release user commentary will be supported for the normal content items too.
  4. Updated TinyMCE to the latest version for better XHTML compatibility.
  5. Updated ADOdb database library to the latest version.
  6. Oracle database support (experimental)
  7. SEO PRO upgrade. A totally new language handling system developed for SEO PRO enabled web sites. The language information is now stored temporary in the url. For each language Elxis generates sub-folder like URLs (except from the default site language). Htaccess file was also updated.
  8. Elxis became PHP 5.x only compatible (recommended PHP 5.2 or greater).
  9. Multi-lingual module titles for standard modules.
  10. Multi-lingual menu items titles for standard menu items.
  11. Option to generate RSS feeds for any content item regardless if it is published on front-page or not.
  12. RTL improvements (thanks to Farhad Sakhaei).
  13. Updated language files.
  14. Updated automatic translation feature.
  15. Updated web site screen shot feature for component Weblinks.
  16. Updated Elxis installer.
  17. Option to change the default username (currently was admin) during Elxis installation.
  18. Some improvements to the default template (okto).
  19. FTP improvements to work with open_basedir restriction enabled.
  20. New error management function. Error messages are now more informational.
  21. Support of XML schemas version 0.3
  22. Updated security images (captcha) feature.
  23. Option to auto-publish submitted content items from front-end based on access manager permissions.
  24. Added database table #__comments
  25. On database table #__banners the column “date” renamed to “dateadded”
  26. Implementation of user uploaded files on their own directory (currently used on eBlog)
  27. Fixed menu link creation in component typed content
  28. Many other small fixes, improvements and additions.