The Analytical Engine Behind The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud

As our featured coverage of Telerik continues, I’m taking a closer look at the platform’s analytical capabilities behind the Telerik Digital Experience Cloud.

Telerik Sitefinity is an ASP.NET web content management system, eCommerce solution, and marketing platform, with the Telerik Digital Experience Cloud making up the product’s marketing arm.

The newly launched Digital Experience Cloud is designed to work in sync with Sitefinity CMS, but can be leveraged by non Sitefinity CMS websites, helping marketers to analyze trends, segment audiences and eventually convert more custom.

Thousands of brands across the world trust Telerik products with their online presence, including the likes of Toyota and NASA. Recently, Sitefinity CMS received the 2014 Critics' Choice CMS Award for Best Enterprise .NET CMS.

During the recent CMS Critic North American Tour, Mike Johnston had the chance to interview Robert Mattson, Telerik's Director of Product Marketing. Mike also had the pleasure of witnessing a detailed Sitefinity walkthrough delivered by Telerik’s Product Marketing Manager, Svetla Yankova.

A Digital Command Center

The video below shows, Tim Ahlenius, the Director of Experience Marketing at, give a useful insight into how the Telerik Digital Experience Cloud works, and how it benefits marketers, and the brands with which he works.

The impact of Tim Ahlenius’ words are magnified by the fact that he works directly with organizations that are leveraging the Digital Experience Cloud. Here’s some quotes which I found particularly interesting:

“The Digital Experience Cloud provides marketers with a digital command center, that unified all the data from all their systems, and takes the guesswork out of their job.

The segmentation capabilities within the Digital Experience Cloud will provide [marketers] with the ability to specifically engage and provide a personalized experience for each of the different segments.

The predictive analytics engine will allow them to engage with their users in order to provide the correct content at the correct time.”

Campaign Tracking, Conversion tracking & Predictive Analytics

I previously touched on some of the general features of the Digital Experience Cloud, but it’s now time to take a closer look at three specific dimensions of the marketing solution.

First up, conversion tracking in the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud provides a historic view of any conversion, short or long term, along with data about which campaigns and assets contributed most.

More importantly though, this feature uses past conversion data to provide predictions and recommendations, aiding marketers with their decisions and future campaigns.

Speaking of campaigns, the Digital Experience Cloud’s campaign tracking feature validates current performance and conversion rates against conversion rates the system predicts.

Tracking how different activities affect results provides visibility into the effectiveness of each campaign.

Finally, the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud also calculates a very important number for each audience segment: the potential conversion increase in the next 30 days.

This predictive analytical engine helps marketers optimize their conversion rates so they can focus on the activities and programs that carry most impact. The educated predictions constantly provides new recommendations for a “Best Next Action” to drive customers toward the desired action.

Learn more about Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud.

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