The 2017 CMS Critic Web Awards are now open for nominations

By Mike Johnston June 26, 2017 News & Headlines

The time is upon us! The nominations stage for the 2017 CMS Critic Web Awards is now open!

This year, I've made some changes to some of the categories including adding a couple of new ones and removing some of the redundant ones. The new categories this year are:

  • Best Free CMS
  • Best Open Source CMS
  • Best WordPress Alternative
  • Best Flat File CMS
  • Best Website Builder
  • Best CMS for SMB
  • Best Cloud CMS
  • Best Enterprise CMS
  • Best CRM
  • Best Marketing Suite
  • Best Email Marketing Platform
  • Best Forum Software
  • Best Social Network Software
  • Best eCommerce Solution
  • Best Hosting Provider
  • Best Theme Provider

Another change I've made this year is that when nominating, you may now only select one category. In past years, we've had people select everything which was a complete waste of time and made us discard those nominations. To avoid this and to ensure people think carefully before submitting, I've cut it down to one. If you feel it's necessary to submit into a second category, you may do so but remember to fill out the reason field with a pretty good reason why you think that was necessary.

Please spread the word and visit the awards page to learn more about this year's awards and submit your nomination.

Mike Johnston

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