Textpattern CMS 4.7.0 beta released

There's a new beta release of Textpattern out today. For those who are unaware, Textpattern is a great little CMS that has been around for many years. It's a great alternative to WordPress and other more common CMS / blog platforms out there.

You can give it a try on their website with their free demo and I recommend checking it out if you haven't already done so.

Some of the headline changes in 4.7.0 are:

  • Support for website themes, stored within the database and available as flat file templates for easier versioning, portability and installation.
  • Support for Nginx web servers and for automated installation from the command line.
  • Smoother and simpler integration for running multiple sites from one code base.
  • Interface revamps including:
    • AJAX behaviour in more places for a snappier admin side.
    • User-selectable column list options in tables to replace the outdated ‘Show more detail’ checkboxes.
    • Ctrl+S/Cmd+S keyboard shortcuts for Submit buttons on any admin panel. Sticky Save on Write panel.
    • Multiple files upload with progress meter.
    • Automatic TOC generation for well-structured plugin help text.
    • Usability and accessibility improvements throughout.
    • More languages added, with greater support for RTL languages.
  • Complete overhaul of language management. No more reliance on the RPC server: languages and help contents are installed from file only. And the UI language can be set per user, independently of the public site language.
  • Massive tag and parser improvements:
    • Valueless attributes.
    • Optional short tags.
    • Global attributes: ‘breakby’, ‘breakclass’, ‘class’, ‘escape’, ‘html_id’, ‘not’ and ‘wraptag’.
    • New tags <txp:evaluate />, <txp:header />, and <txp:if_logged_in />.
    • Ability to use <txp:output_form> and <txp:yield> to process forms via user-definable attributes.
    • <txp:article_custom /> can count pages as well as extract content via a richer set of date- and time-based criteria.
    • More than ten other tags tweaked and improved.
  • There are many other changes in 4.7.0 too, please see HISTORY.txt for an exhaustive list!

Learn more here: https://textpattern.com/