TERMINALFOUR Announce Latest Version of Digital Marketing & Web Content Management Platform

TERMINALFOUR, the leading provider of Digital Marketing and Web Content Management Solutions to higher education, today announced the latest release of its platform – TERMINALFOUR 8.2. This release benefits from almost 500 feature enhancements and new functionality particularly focusing on the key areas of accessibility, migrations and integrations, performance and form submissions.

This release, the most significant in two years, has been driven by client feedback, partner collaboration (including leading higher education solution providers like Ellucian) and by market demand.

Piero Tintori, CEO and founder, TERMINALFOUR, said, “Our market is constantly evolving and is becoming more confusing and complex for decision makers in higher education. Ultimately they just need their online strategies to support and fulfil their institutional goals i.e. to meet recruitment targets. They need to unify all the technological components of their digital and content strategies to enable them to offer an improved end user experience that helps them get results online, supporting the recruitment process.”

“This is the motivation behind TERMINALFOUR v8.2, to help our clients perform better online. Whether it be by enabling them embrace the potential of accessibility, the power of smart and impactful forms or by enabling them to pull all their content from multiple sources together to allow them put a cohesive and compelling story together for prospective students”, Tintori continued.

This release benefits from continued improvements to TERMINALFOUR’s already robust migration and integration functionality. Many legacy web content management systems are coming to end-of-life or are ceasing new feature development. Many universities are moving away from Open-Source alternatives that don’t offer iron clad support agreements; risky in relation to security and accessibility obligations. Other systems lack any digital marketing or specific higher education modules and, therefore, institutions are seeking solutions that streamline the migration headache.

Furthermore, as universities endeavor to create a unified content profile of every prospective, current and graduated student they are demanding solutions that integrate with the existing systems prevalent in their institutions e.g. CRM, Student Management Systems, alumni donation platforms etc. TERMINALFOUR 8.2 continues the product’s existing approach to offering seamless integrations with higher education technologies including the full host of Ellucian products.

TERMINALFOUR’s form builder feature continues to garner investment as it underpins the product’s emphasis on conversion. The latest version has enhanced the ability to create forms (on websites powered by TERMINALFOUR or other platforms), to easily add links to forms and to improve form performance by enhancements on page analytics i.e. better data relating to form abandonment and submissions.

Piero Tintori, CEO and Founder, said, “My instruction to our development and product management teams is always the same and very simple; focus on performance and conversion. What are things that help our clients grow their student recruitment pipeline, which improve engagement online and amplify their marketing message and impact? These are the things that are or should be meaningful to university recruitment, web and marketing teams.”

“There are clearly many moving parts when it comes to delivering on this goal but for us it informs a cohesive and ongoing roadmap that links web goals to institutional goals ”, he concluded.