Telerik Sitefinity 7.0 Released: Delivers More Engaging Web Experiences, Productivity & Granular Control

Telerik – which empowers over one million developers to create compelling experiences across web, mobile and desktop applications – yesterday announced the arrival of Sitefinity 7.0.

Sitefinity is an industry-leading Web Content Management (WCM) platform by Telerik and is responsible for serving a 70,000-strong user base.

With this new release, Telerik has focused on delivering more engaging customer experiences, greater productivity, and granular control over dynamic content.

Engagement, Productivity & Greater Control

Sitefinity 7.0 has been designed to address the challenges faced by web professionals.

Telerik Sitefinity 7.0 brings about improvements via three new features, including:

  • More Engaging Experiences  – Spurs engagement by organizing and displaying related content without any coding and HTML5 video, giving users a more relevant and engaging experience. Sitefinity 7.0 also provides for ecommerce product reviews and ratings, similar to those found on the most popular ecommerce sites.
  • Productivity  – Improves productivity when creating and maintaining websites with the ability to duplicate page templates and forms. Customers can also migrate single websites into multisite deployments, further helping businesses scale and optimize sites as business needs grow.
  • Control  – Increases control over custom fields, sorting and filtering in dynamic content modules, producing a more tailored look and feel.

Regarding the release, Boris Motusic, Co-Founder & Chief System Architect, United Experts Technologies, Ltd, had this to say:

“Sitefinity 7.0 brings many useful additions which enable better control over a wide range of content from individual items to multiple websites. This attractive release demonstrates how this increasingly dominant next-generation Web Content Management platform has matured.”

Furthermore, Martin Kirov, EVP, Sitefinity, Telerik, weighed in with his own comments:

“Sitefinity 7.0 is our most customer-centric release yet. It was inspired entirely by customer and partner requests and highlights technical capabilities that improve execution and effectiveness. Sitefinity 7.0 helps businesses enhance the customer experience at every level, across every channel. These advancements, coupled with the ability to deliver winning customer experiences on any device clearly demonstrate why Telerik Sitefinity is the choice for more than 70,000 users, worldwide.”

To find out more about Sitefinity 7.0, check out their official website, and their news announcement.

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