Telerik Platform Receives New Cloud Mobile Development Features

Telerik, which was recently acquired by Progresshas announced the introduction of cloud mobile development features to its popular Telerik Platform solution.

Over 40,000 organizations across 94 countries make use of Telerik products, including around 450 of the Fortune 500.

The aim of these new features if to help make mobile development a faster, more powerful experience for Telerik users. Currently, the Telerik Platform is the only cross-platform mobile development platform that combines rich UI tools and cloud services to build compelling apps, regardless of operating system, device or technology.

New Marketplace, New Templates & A Screen Builder 

Telrik has certainly paid attention to the needs and wants of the average marketer working within their enterprising target market. Here are some of the major updates introduced to the Telerik Platform:

  • The new Verified Plugins Marketplace, a first-of-its-kind gallery of Cordova/PhoneGap plugins, creating feature-rich applications using open source Cordova APIs
  • Screen Builder (currently in beta) accelerates PhoneGap app scaffolding and enables both developers and business users to create 80 percent of the mobile app from pre-built and pre-wired screens – without ever touching code
  • New mobile app dev quick-start templates, making mobile development easier and more guided than ever
  • NativeScript, (still in private beta), the Telerik open source project, now includes robust support for CSS styling of native app UI, an improved cross-platform JavaScript framework, support for third party native libraries and the ability to build native apps using Command Line Interface.

As you can see, Telerik Platform solution has opted to streamline and simplify the design and development process, with their, “Screen Builder” and quick-start templates. 

Aaron Mahimainathan, SVP DevTools & Platform, Telerik, A Progress Company, made these comments:

“The Telerik Platform solution demonstrates our capabilities within the mobile space and our ongoing commitment to the developer communities we serve. Making the development process a seamless experience–regardless of the development approach–is a top priority. After many successes, including thousands of apps built, a global customer base and a ‘Visionary’ position in the Gartner MQ for Mobile App Dev Platforms, the latest Telerik Platform release makes it by far the most robust platform in the market for creating beautiful enterprise and consumer apps.”

For more details on this update, check out the Telerik press release, and the Telerik website.