Telerik Announces Sitefinity 7.2

Telerik has just announced the release of Sitefinity 7.2. This new version of the popular content management system brings a number of new features to the platform. Let's take a look at what we can expect from this release.

Key features of Sitefinity 7.2 include:

  • Integrated marketing personas for optimized content marketing, which helps business users define and manage guidelines on keywords, messages and content relevant to customer profiles, and personalize the visitor experience based on persona profile
  • Project Feather, an open source mobile-first UI framework that enables the creation and deployment of Sitefinity websites
  • An introduction of Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud, to help marketing track, measure and optimize digital experiences delivered across channels, while accelerating marketing performance

Project Feather Puts Mobile First

Project Feather, the Sitefinity mobile-first UI framework better enables the creation and deployment of Sitefinity websites. Project Feather allows developers to build mobile-ready sites using their favorite frameworks and includes features such as MVC stock widgets, an AngularJS widget designer framework, Boostrap and Gumby support and more.

Project Feather is available on GitHub, for more details visit

Introducing the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud

Telerik is also releasing a preview version of the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud, a solution that enables marketers to track, measure and optimize digital experiences across channels. When released in early 2015, marketers will have access to the customer journey database, predictive analytics, dynamic segmentation and content management, all in a single platform. It is a completely new cloud-based solution that captures and analyzes the total customer journey.

“Big data and predictive analytics are rapidly-growing market segments that customers are demanding their WCM solutions address, but most vendors are far behind the curve,” said Martin Kirov, Executive Vice President, Sitefinity, Telerik. “Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud was built to help digital marketers measure, understand and optimize customer experiences across channels and deliver a guided customer journey.”

Details on the latest release of Telerik Sitefinity CMS, Project Feather and the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud can be found at