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CMS Critic Staff

By CMS Critic Staff

January 20, 2020

With  revolutionary technologies such as virtual reality and augmented  reality becoming more widely adopted by the education and business  communities across the world, the need for dedicated content management  systems to facilitate content creation for AR and VR is more urgent than  ever. And while many have introduced systems for either AR or  VR devices, the experienced team behind... Read More →

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Mike Johnston

By Mike Johnston

July 7, 2019

Up until the oculus Go came onto the market, I've never felt the need to get into the VR scene. I always felt like the cost was too prohibitive and the technology was too new.With the introduction of entry level headsets such as the oculus Go, this barrier to entry is now gone and I'm now diving in head first so expect to see new VR related content in addition to the usual stuff. Today, I'm going... Read More →

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