Paris Tuzun

By Paris Tuzun

July 2, 2020

When it comes to SEO, there are a number of tools that can help improve your website’s performance. And that’s the problem: you often need multiple resources to manage a comprehensive SEO strategy, and few platforms offer complete solution with the right mix of features. While Siteimprove has built a strong reputation around their industry-leading accessibility scanning and monitoring... Read More →

Michael Levanduski

By Michael Levanduski

January 16, 2020

Anyone who runs a website knows the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). In fact, most site owners spend quite a large portion of their time and budget on SEO. While there is no doubt that SEO is important, there is another type of search that really shouldn’t be neglected. That is on-page search. Just about all sites today will have an on-site search function that allows users to... Read More →

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Daniel Threlfall

By Daniel Threlfall

April 9, 2013

  SEO is and always will be important, regardless of how loudly the “SEO is Dead” crowd howls. Because SEO is important, your CMS's ability to do SEO matters. If you haven't thought much about the convergence of SEO and CMS, this article will alert you to this crucial touchpoint, and give you insight into how your CMS may be performing in the area of SEO. The Importance of... Read More →

CMSContent Managementseo
Mike Johnston

By Mike Johnston

June 17, 2010

Elxis, whom we rated as one of the top SEO focused CMS in our article: “Top 10 SEO Friendly Content Management Systems” has a new release available entitled Electra 2009.2. Full release notes (detailed with screenshots) can be found on their wiki but here is a summary: automatic translation to more than 90 languages update checking new link sharing tools new comment... Read More →

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