Michael Levanduski

By Michael Levanduski

January 12, 2020

The Factor CMS framework is starting to get quite a bit of attention. While it doesn’t launch until March of this year, there is already a lot of information available (thanks to early dev releases) to go along with the hype. For those who don’t already know, Factor is designed specifically for front-end developers who want an easy, yet powerful, option for creating websites, web apps, and... Read More →

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Dietmar Rietsch

By Dietmar Rietsch

January 9, 2020

Check  the product out at the store. Buy it online. Have it delivered at the  doorstep of your home or office. The omni-channel retail experience is  becoming increasingly ubiquitous, and businesses are going all out to  develop smarter, more seamless engagement strategies for the  ‘post-digital’ world.More  and more retailers are beginning to understand that merely having a  presence... Read More →

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CMS Critic Staff

By CMS Critic Staff

December 16, 2019

Magnolia today announces the opening of a new office in Shanghai,  confirming its long-standing commitment to China and Asia.The  new office adds to Magnolia’s already well-established presence in  Asia, with two offices having previously opened in Singapore and  Vietnam. The company also has certified  partners serving customers in North Asia and India.Through  the new Shanghai office,... Read More →

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Mike Johnston

By Mike Johnston

December 16, 2019

As popular in name as these three open source CMS are, the fact of the matter is they are simply NOT the best CMS on the market. I realize that this statement may upset people in their camps but it is a  statement of fact. For years, people's honest intentions have been doing these content management systems a disservice by blindly recommending them for everything under the sun just to help... Read More →

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Mike Johnston

By Mike Johnston

December 16, 2019

A flat–file CMS is a platform that  does not require a database but rather, saves it's data to a set of text  files. There are many advantages to using flat-file CMS as opposed to  database driving systems, read on to find out what we consider to be the  best flat file CMS on the market.Most content management systems tend to use databases to store their  content but lately, there's been a... Read More →

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