Matthew Garrepy

By Matthew Garrepy

December 27, 2022

Sometimes, the best place to begin is at the end. Case in point: at the terminus of my conversation with Tifenn Dano Kwan, she offered an impassioned promulgation. “We can’t put people in boxes.” The same could be said of Tifenn. To simply label her as a high-performing CMO in the technology industry would be boxing out the unique qualities that make her a remarkable leader and a... Read More →

Matthew Garrepy

By Matthew Garrepy

September 6, 2022

In physics, the word "amplitude" is defined as the maximum extent of a vibration or oscillation measured from the position of equilibrium. OK. Unless you're a math nut, that might sound a little heady. But factor out the quantum mechanics and "amplitude" is really just a means of analyzing the range of quality for a process or phenomenon.  In that sense, it's as relatable to... Read More →

CMS Critic Staff

By CMS Critic Staff

May 25, 2022

Amplitude, a digital optimization platform trusted by leading brands like Ford and Walmart, today announced the launch of two new tools: Experiment Results, a new feature of Amplitude Experiment, and new innovations within the Amplitude Analytics suite – including Campaign Reporting. These new tools will enhance Amplitude's insights around digital optimization and growth... Read More →

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Paris Tuzun

By Paris Tuzun

January 31, 2022

Siteimprove, the enterprise SaaS company with solutions for improving website governance and performance, announced the findings of a new Forrester TEI study – demonstrating that their platform delivered a 275 percent return on investment (ROI) over three years for a composite organization. The study also suggests that the Siteimprove investment could be paid back in less than six months... Read More →

Paris Tuzun

By Paris Tuzun

November 3, 2020

Bloomreach, a leading Digital Experience Platform (DXP), and Exponea, the Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP), have announced a strategic alliance to offer more enhanced digital commerce experiences to the market. The partnership will provide their joint clients with a more personalized and sophisticated e-commerce solution, combining Bloomreach’s rich catalog of DXP capabilities with... Read More →


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