Systems Alliance Releases Social Media Module for SiteExecutive CMS

Systems Alliance, a software development and technology services firm providing strategic Web, IT and business consulting, today announced it has released Enhancement Pack 1 (EP1) for SiteExecutive® 2011, a software update for the company’s flagship Web content management system (CMS). EP1 introduces a new Social Media module that streamlines integration with and consumption of content from Facebook and Twitter, along with updates to a number of other SiteExecutive modules and core CMS functions.

The new features and enhancements will be demonstrated during a live one-hour webinar from 1 to 2 pm ET on Thursday, May 19, 2011. Interested customers, marketers and Web professionals can register on the Systems Alliance website:

Social Media Content Strategy

While there is strong demand for social marketing solutions, many organizations are still sorting out approaches for leveraging social content on their Websites. The SiteExecutive Social Media module addresses this challenge, providing
marketers and Web managers with three user-friendly plug-ins for Twitter and five for Facebook, including:

Tweet This button – pushes SiteExecutive content to Twitter
Twitter Feeds – cyclically aggregates and updates Twitter feeds and provides mechanism for deleting unwanted tweets
Live Streaming Twitter Feeds – aggregates and displays live Twitter feeds
Facebook Like Button – Lets visitors “like” website content
Facebook Like Box – Can apply to any page on a SiteExecutive website, displays Facebook profile pictures of people who have “liked” the specified page
Facebook Recommendations – shows personalized page recommendations for website content
Facebook Comments – personalized comments about website content
Facebook “Facepile” – displays the Facebook profile pictures of people who have “liked” a Web page

To ensure effective integration with Facebook, the SiteExecutive Social Media module leverages the Open Graph protocol and established Facebook Social Plug-ins. Systems Alliance has taken a similar approach with its Twitter plug-ins, which leverage the Twitter API and approved Twitter practices for consuming and displaying Twitter content.

Updates Improving Site Visitor Engagement

EP1 includes a number of enhancements that will help create a more engaging site visitor experience. These include:

Event registration tracking – a lightweight registration form builder has been added to the SiteExecutive Event Calendar module letting event managers track and limit the number of registrants for events.
Blog Enhancements – The SiteExecutive Blog application has been re-skinned, reducing the effort required for styling and deploying blogs on SiteExecutive websites.
Prebuilt profiles – new Web editing interface and pre-built templates for faculty and staff profiles speed the creation of online directories for colleges and universities
Video Gallery Enhancements – the SiteExecutive video gallery now provides unlimited video retrieval from Vimeo and supports HTML 5 for uploaded videos

Accessibility, Usability and Core Enhancements

Improving Accessibility Compliance – EP1 provides several enhancements which promote accessibility compliance, including the addition of new tag attributes and a modification to the SiteExecutive Form building module
More intuitive content authoring – EP1 incorporates usability improvements, including editor modifications which enhance WYSIWYG functionality
API and developer enhancements – Systems Alliance has released new APIs and core developer enhancements that ease and promote integration and development of custom modules and applications


Systems Alliance clients with current SiteExecutive maintenance contracts can download EP1 immediately from the SiteExecutive Support Center. Linux and Windows versions of the software have been released.

About SiteExecutive 2011 Web Content Management Software

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