Symphony CMS dev team announce huge new update with version 2.2

The Symphony CMS development team have announced a huge new update with version 2.2 (which is now available on their site). Some of the new features in this release include:

  • All core code has been fully documented!
  • Symphony now has a core email API (details below and here).
  • There are dozens of new delegates for extension developers, including: delegates to add custom columns to the Publish index; delegates for the creation, editing and deleting of data sources, events, pages, sections, and utilities; delegates for Login and Password Reset; delegates for the enabling/disabling/uninstallation of Extensions; new delegates for appending content; and more! (Official list forthcoming)
  • not-regexp support is now included in all core fields
  • The section index now supports batch-changing of navigation groups
  • Any field that uses the Section Associations feature now has option to hide/show the linked section column
  • Field collapsing is now enabled in the section editor
  • New Symphony jQuery plugins: Pickable and Orderable
  • Accesskeys are now supported (details forthcoming)
  • New entry forms will now autofocus the first field
  • jQuery 1.4.4

Not to mention, a huge list of bug fixes and minor changes (you can read the entire release notes here)

Check it out or grab a copy here: