Symphony CMS 2.2.2 released

A new version of Symphony CMS has been made available. This new release of the open source XSLT content management system offers a myriad of bugfixes and improvements.

Symphony, for those unaware, is an XSLT based CMS that offers plenty of power with a minimalist interface (which I personally love). You can read our Symphony CMS review if you are unfamiliar with the system.

A quick breakdown of the new features (this may be over the head of some people if you are unfamiliar with the system):

New Features

  • #683 – Field->getParameterPoolValueField->toggleFieldDataand Field->prepareTableData methods are now passed $entry_id
  • #657, #696 – Query optimisation (ORDER BY and JOIN order). An improved ORDER BY algorithm has been added to the Checkbox, Date, Input and Upload fields that may improve performance on large datasets
  • #652 – The version of Symphony that created/updated Event or Datasource's is now stored in the Event/Datasource's version information. Extensions that provide custom Events or Datasources are encouraged to add their own strings, ie. Extension Name 0.1
  • #649 – Added a new configuration setting, session_gc_divisor. This defaults to 10
  • #640 – Four new delegates added, PageTemplatePreEdit,PageTemplatePostEditPageTemplatePreCreate andPageTemplatePostCreate
  • #525 – Export Ensemble has been updated to 1.16 with a number of fixes and improvements for users who do not have --enable-zip enabled.
  • #472 – Sections Index is now selectable as a default area for Developer Authors.
  • Select Box Link has been updated to 1.20 with performance improvements, code cleanup and some preventative security measures
  • Image JIT extension has been updated to 1.11 with a number of fixes
  • XSS Filter updated to 1.1
  • XMLElement gets some love with seven new functionsgetChildrenByNamesetChildreninsertChildAt,removeChildAtreplaceChildAtaddClass and removeClass
  • A new javascript object, is available, which extends jQuery's support functionality with localStorage checks.
  • Performance improvements for delegate subscription, saving of Textarea fields, Navigation Datasources and general Frontend page rendering.
  • Allow filters and prepopulate to be passed as arrays allowing multiple backend filters
  • The EventPreSaveFilter now gets passed the $entry_id when an Event is editing entries. This will be null on new entries
  • Add __get() to the EmailGateway allowing variables to be accessed once they are set
  • Symphony's Javascript is now documented with JSDoc.

A full list of changes can be read in the change log.