Symphony CMS 2.1 released

Symphony CMS has seen a new release with version 2.1 being let loose on the public. From the brilliantly funny press release by Craig Zheng of the development team:

The Symphony team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Symphony 2.1, codenamed Hot Wallaby Ba—oh, wait, that’s right… we don’t do codenames here. Sorry.

More secure than ever, and so stable we should be sweeping horse manure out of it, Symphony 2.1 is the last major build in the 2.* series. As of this release, development focus shifts primarily to Symphony 3, and the 2.* series will see only critical bugfixes and security updates in the form of minor point releases (2.1.*).

Symphony 2.1 is a flagship release as it represents the culmination of all the development that’s gone into Symphony 2 over the past few years—it is faster, more powerful, more efficient, more stable, and more secure than any release to date. We recommended that all websites running Symphony 2.* be upgraded immediately (remember to backup first).

And be sure to act now! The first 100 people to update their Symphony installs will receive a free voucher1 for an awkwardly lingering embrace from Allen and/or a rare white wallaby.

You can grab a copy from their website or read our review of Symphony CMS